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On Friday we split the Basketball Camp into groups to chat about self worth & identity and the girls responded really well. We wrote down on paper ‘I am…’ and they came up with positive words to put in.

Ja sam LOVED
Ja sam HAPPY

Friday night in Slavonski Brod was a real hit. We performed our little hearts out and had a few locals get involved too. We had kids from both Basketball Camp and Kids Club come along to the ‘Church in Development’ and ran the event straight onto of the unfinished roof! Once we were all full we rounded off the evening with some Line Dancing ran by Cassie (one of our News Release Basketball Coaches) and had some arm wrestles… Unconventional maybe but everyone seemed to have a great time!

Yesterday TEAM CROATIA took some time out to hit the river hard.

We love. Team France

This week team holland painted a wall stencil of the Rotterdam skyline in Coen, Katje and Jens new house. Coen is the pastor of ICF church who we have been working with throughout the week. They moved house last weekend so we all feel pretty amazed that they trusted us to create the stencil in their new home.

Today team holland hosted a patch party at the local community garden in Carnissesingel, Rotterdam. Over 50 people came for the free lunch and it was amazing to see so many diverse people from the community gather around one table.

For the party we made…
Carrot and lentil soup.
Orchard salad.
Cucumber salad
Potato, bean and celeriac salad
Loads of sandwiches
Lemon curd cupcakes
Chocolate cupcakes
and Lemonade.

The majority of the food we made (except the soup and the cakes) came from the garden itself.

Hannah wrote the following prayer in our worship hour the previous day which we said before we ate…

“We scatter gospel seeds of love on the fertile soil of brokenness and watch wholeness blossom. We uproot the weeds of greed and wealth and sow hope where there is isolation. We gather the diverse blessings of community and harvest the goodness of all He gives us. We scatter, we watch, we uproot, we sow, we gather, we harvest. He waters. The kingdom grows.”

Tonight we are going to celebrate a great day by eating lots of pizza.


Kids Club at Slavonia Dva this morning. We painted faces, braided hair, played football and gave the parachute a good rustle.

This morning team Rotterdam helped weed and harvest vegetables at ‘carnissetuin’ - a community garden in the city.

Tomorrow we will host a ‘patch party’ at the garden for the local community making soups, salads and quiches from the vegetables grown there.

Back to the kitchen for us…

"The dancing God is on the move.

The dancing God Moves throughout this city,
In and out of bars and cafes,
Brothels and bakeries
Churches and colleges
Mosques and metros
The dancing god is on the move
And leaving a trail of grace behind.

Follow his trail
His scent
His movement
And find your place in the triune dance of love.”

"The Dancing God." Written in team Hollands outdoor prayer and worship hour for the city of Rotterdam.

Walking through the Presqu’ile in Caen, we noticed a crane covered head to foot in rust.
We felt that God was promising a redemption in that place, a renewal of all things.
A lick of white paint over everything, just like our own fence painting.

Rust to redemption.

Croatian LUNCH WIN #liveforothers

We had a wonderful last couple of days training in France before leaving for Livarot, Rotterdam and Slavonski Brod. A big thank you goes out to Martin Young and Josh Dipple for coming over and teaching / leading us in worship!

This evening we practiced our circus skills as the sun set ready for the tomorrow!

In Slavonski Brod this morning we sang some songs in the church and shared some testimonies. It went really well and we are looking forward to meeting lots more new people this week!